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About Us

CPL Online

CPL Online creates your e-learning courses. The company consists of several departments, all of which are dedicated to your online training and the related products.

We are a part of the CPL Training Group, but came into our own in 2009 when we started developing e-learning courses. The online courses then expanded into providing further services for our clients, which include software development, database design, website design and development, web service development, mobile app development and consultancy.

The teams at CPL Online are a tight-knit community. They are each engaged in building a range of bespoke services and they often collaborate together to build a service that will help companies achieve their commerce goals.

Project Management

The Project Management team syncs everyone together. When approached by a client they will delegate a project manager to guide the client through the steps that need to be taken to get what they need to improve their business; delivering to them dynamic learning and business solutions through quality e-learning and bespoke services.

Graphic Design

The Graphics team work on the aesthetics and how the service will function in its final form. The team is always thinking ahead, and will refine their designs until they are confident that the service they have designed fulfils the expectations that will be gained from the service.


The Programming team’s goal is to deliver the highest quality service that is needed for a company. The team does this by taking everything that the designers and animators have made for the service, such as the images, animations and content and skillfully processing it all into a coding language.

By the team entering the service’s material into a coding language CPL Online can send the service across the internet to the company’s computers, making the service available for whoever needs to use it, whether it is one person or the entire company.


E-Learning courses can be used any time, any place, and the Animation team strives to provide a range of engaging courses to all of CPL Online’s clients.

The Animation team is split into two departments: 2D and 3D, but both team’s objective is to always make your e-learning experience interactive and pleasurable. The teams create for you a unique learning atmosphere that will help you retain all the important information you learn online whilst ensuring you’re having fun.


The Support team are here for all our clients and aim to keep their businesses running on a daily basis.

The team uses custom-made technology and resources to ensure clients continual satisfaction with their services. They guarantee to maintain and monitor all clients’ services; so if a client has a problem with their console, an employee cannot remember a login, or if a client would just like more information on CPL Online’s services the Support team are there to help.

Web Development

The Web Development team manage not just our own company websites, but yours too – which can include your website, intranet and career pathway systems. They make sure your online product works perfectly and update it as often as you need to; plus they maintain and monitor them long after they are up and running to ensure you get the best possible service from CPL Online.

What is E-Learning?

CPL Online’s e-learning courses provide a flexible alternative to face-to-face training that complement a busy, modern day business schedule.

24/7 Accessibility

In most cases all a user needs to gain instant access to all CPL Online courses is their secure personal login and an internet connection, enabling 24/7 accessibility.

Also, because everything is done online, there is no need to install software and everything is in real-time; meaning when you pass your course, you are immediately compliant.


Animation, imagery, gaming technology and voice-over commentary are used in all of our e-learning courses, creating a high quality learning experience to aid users when retaining important information.


CPL Online have created numerous custom courses for clients to ensure employees receive the training you need them to know. If you need a bespoke course please contact us to receive more information on what we can create for you.

Broad Variety

CPL Online can provide you with a range of engaging courses that are produced by our course development team. We offer over 40 courses, which are divided into three categories: Compliance, Care and Soft Skills.

Console Compatibility

E-learning courses go hand-in-hand with CPL Online’s Learning Management System: The Console. This LMS can be tailored to your company’s branding.

The Console’s features coincide perfectly with employee’s training, helping your business to keep track of all employees’ training records. To learn more, please visit the Console page.


All certificates are designed and printed in-house and are sent directly by post upon course completion, providing users with a hard copy of their training record.

BIIAB Approved

The content of our e-learning courses are regularly reviewed and renovated, meeting the values and standards of the awarding body BIIAB.

NCFE Approved

The content of our online training courses made for the care industry are regularly reviewed, renovated and give assurance, meeting the values and standards of the National awarding Organisation NCFE.

Quick Guide

CPL Training Group

Electronically supported learning and teaching.

CPL Online

The parent company of CPL Online and CPL Training.

The face-to-face division of the CPL Training Group.

The online division, specialising in bespoke electronic services and products.

The part of CPL Online that specialises in e-learning courses.


British Institute of Innkeeping Awarding Body.

City & Guilds

City & Guilds is the awarding body for our care courses.