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The Console

What is the Console?

The Console is a market-leading Learning Management System (LMS) that puts you in control of all your employees' training. Tailored to suit the structure and needs of your site, it provides a central location that all users can access CPL Onlines's e-learning courses and software applications; plus it can be completely branded towards your business.

Users are also automatically updated when legislation changes, giving your organisation continuous compliancy.

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User Friendly

User Friendly

The Console has a singular access point that all employees on every level have entry to.

The Console’s intuitive interface is very simple to use, enabling you to monitor and audit your company’s training easily.

24/7 Accessibility

All a user needs to access the Console is a personal login and an Internet connection.


The Console also acts as a singular access point to all e-learning courses, which all contain animation, imagery, gaming technology, and voice-over commentary, creating a high quality learning experience that aids users when retaining important information.

Courses can also contain branded foreword videos for a personal touch.


Storing all company documents and files in one central location, providing staff with access to the most up to date content. Upload any file-type, e.g. video, audio, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Resources can be assigned to a job role or a certain location to restrict confidential information. Access to all resources is tracked through the Console.

Hierarchy Layout

All content within the Console is allocated based on the individual’s location, job role and previous activity on the platform. The hierarchy allows content to be restricted if necessary by the management teams.

News & Social Media

This section of the Console is a secure and internal social media solution, which has restricted access from any public domain.

Thought provoking ideas can be shared and employees can 'Like' and 'Comment' on every post; plus an integrated messaging system will allow your employees to communicate freely and privately, bringing everyone in your company together.

Online Appraisals

Managing every employees performance and reporting skills gaps which results in the ability to effectively implement a qualified Succession Planning strategy.

Training Record Timeline

This tool creates a complete training and bookshelf history for all your staff by storing all previous Training Records and updating with newly completed courses. You can set reminder dates and attach relevant training documents to staff records, ensuring their training history is maintained.


The Statistics section gives instant organisation of online training in various charts, comparing results from previously assigned courses.

Depending on a user’s position within the company, the Console can show a user’s descendant employees training history, helping to integrate your business’ practices by monitoring your workforces’ progress in e-learning.


Achieve instant organisation of all your company’s training records through the reports system in your Console, and integrate business practices by monitoring your workforce’s progress in e-learning courses. Highly detailed reports are available to download and print.